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poniedziałek, 23 stycznia 2017

Diary #1 
What a boring world. All the studying and stuff. Sometimes I wish I seriously that all the teachers did a big strike or whatever… Yesterday I had to practically study my entire day through. Boringgggg. Wait, can I teach my rats to do homework? Naah, I'd rather say not. They'd do anything for yoghurt rainbow drops, but they wouldn't go tha far... or would they? Oh, whatever. I'll end up painting rainbows (which is the worst job here) if I don't get to work. My dream (I'm completely serious with this) is to design a massive mall that will look like a gleaming rainbow, and everyone will see it for miles! Wouldn't that bee cool? OK, gotta go - I smell neon pancakes! Lots of love,
Julia Rainbow Girl

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