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poniedziałek, 16 stycznia 2017

Welcome to my Blog

Dear Reader.

Oh hi people! My name is Julia. In my world, it translates to Darkstar. You see, I live in Rainbowland. No, it's not so far from Earth! Just a few galaxies to the north. I found this weird device and I learned that you called it a "laptop", and I've been blogging ever since. Yeah, this is not my first blog, but I'd rather prefer to not going ovr the lot of my old ones! Anyway, I am 12 years old, as you'd call it, and I love animals. I've got an animal you'd call a cat, and 2 rats. As a pet! You'd say that's strange, but not in Rainbowland! It's about as popular here as dogs are on Earth, or whatever you call your planet. I'm also a huge fan of Warriors! You might wonder how we get so many things from Earth here. My grandpa brought the series when he was there. So um... I hope you enjoy this website, and I'll see you in the next post! 

Julia xoxo


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  1. ooof.... Trying to work Blogger out! Have only used WordPress and Wix until now... I guess it's worth it though right?